Basic Package


Pay in Full Pay a Deposit Amount


Printed Book Creation – hardback or paperback

We’ll take your manuscript and transform it into a professionally formatted, beautifully designed, printed book.


Original internal layout for printed books

Manuscript formatting

Professionally formatted text is an integral part of book design, and you need clear hierarchy together with readable typeface to help create a layout that is inviting to your reader. So each of the sections will be custom formatted to create a professional, finished book. We will then send you a PDF proof for approval.

Black Text Design includes:

  • Customized layout that meets industry standards – ideal for fiction
  • Black text printing only – if images are included they will be printed in grayscale.



Colour Text Design includes:

  • Combination of text, graphics and colour photos – ideal for art, photography, children’s books etc.
  • Text and Images will be printed in full colour. ( Never forget the price of printing a coloured book is higher than B/N)


IMPORTANT: Interior book design and formatting does not include editorial services and is strictly a design service. WG does offer stand alone editing services. You should upload your fully-edited and final text.

Non-design related text edits after uploading will incur additional cost.


Original Cover design for printed books

Our designer will do an original cover that will be coherent with the content, genre, style and your prescriptions. To facilitate the process you’ll answer to a broad questionnaire covering all the crucial decisions the designer will take in designing the cover. Together with the questionnaire you’ll be invited to show us images or other covers you like.

Our designer on the first round will offer 3 different alternative designs on which you can express your preferences and/or suggestions.

On the second and third cycle the designer will submit one design. To make sure you are satisfied with our work, we will provide you a 3D mock-up.

After that if you are not satisfied ( but we believe you will be..) we’ll have a chat to evaluate possible solutions.

We’ll do our best to provide the best cover we can deliver in the allocated working time intended for the publishing package you bought, however if further work will be requested this will incur in additional costs.

IMPORTANT: If you require illustration services for your cover please contact us.


Editing and formatting of images

We’ll include the placement of up to 20 images, provided by the author.

If you require illustration services for either your cover or interior, please contact us.


Direct guidance with your ISBN number

The ISBN is the main way for your book to be identified. Bookstores cannot buy or sell your book unless you have one.

But be warned, you will need a separate ISBN for your eBook and for your printed book if you are publishing in both formats!


Barcode creation

We will generate a barcode for your ISBN which will then appear on the cover of your book so it can be easily scanned.



We will help you access, and initially manage, the main Print On Demand platforms in order to reach your readers worldwide and cash in from all your sales!

Print On Demand

Print on Demand means that you don’t have to worry about paying for thousands of copies of your book to be printed, in the hope that they will all be sold. Instead, your distributor can respond to every request for your books by printing off an individual book based on the customer’s request.

We will prepare the files in the correct format for either of the two most important distribution platforms (they require different parameters), and we’ll give you instructions on how to upload it, whether you decide to do it through CreateSpace / KDP (which are run by Amazon) or Ingram Spark, or both.

In this way, you can become a completely independent author and publisher, with 100% control of all the income earnt from any royalties generated by your work.

We don’t benefit in any way from any of the payments you receive from the distributors.


Your printed book will be available to be ordered by bookstores, libraries and retailers, and on websites throughout the world.

KDP is the POD branch of Amazon and gives you direct access to the entire Amazon online network. Ingram as the world’s largest distributor of books, can get your book into practically any store and is making your book available for sale in over 39,000 online retailers.

You don’t need anyone else, however once the files are done you’ll be free to upload your files wherever you wish.


Author and Book page on WG website

If you decide to create your book with us you will be credited on our website with a personal section that’ll include a short bio, pictures of your new book and a picture of yourself.

You will have the space to promote your website and your social media accounts and we will also add links to directly buy your book.

This will be your public space where you can share your experience and mentoring fellow writers like yourself.



Additional information

Any situation that is leading to an addition of working hours for the designer is subject to additional costs.
The text revision after proofreading is intended to be 1 revision, 1 cycle. A cycle means that a new file with corrections has been provided by the author to be applied to the book. Any additional cycle will be charged separately at a cost of 60 euro each.
The creation of the final design will require a minimum of 8 weeks in the best cases. Once the PDF of the book is completed the author will check possible mistakes, typos, errors in the final layout. If the customer wants we can proofread the book at that stage, the service has an extra cost. Once the proofreading is done by us or by the author, the corrections will be applied by the designer – it can take 1 to 5 days – and the final PDF for POD will be delivered to the author to be uploaded.
Once the final PDF has been uploaded the author can order the copies and the book will be available for the public.